Current Version 8.4

New Features in DesignBais V9

Packed with powerful features and enhancements to elevate your user experience. Here's a preview of the additions:

  • Drag and Drop features for your applications.

  • Introducing the All Parameters Report for faster access to System and Global Parameters.

  • Customize your development environment with the new User Preferences top menu option.

  • The new Change Password feature.

  • Enhanced date displays for a clearer experience.

  • Google Two Factor Authentication.

  • Smoother RD page transitions.

  • Introducing the REPORT PAGE event for on-form reports.

  • Exporting to Excel with improved field type processing.

  • Developers can now modify the appearance of search forms with new parameters.

Multivalue to Web

DesignBais is a functionally rich toolset that allows developers to design and create web based applications with a multivalue database back end.

The following database platforms are supported:

  • D3
  • jBASE

Responsive Design

DesignBais V8 Responsive Design (RD) tools help you create web sites that look great and function well on all devices.  

Using the RD features, you can enable smart phone access to your systems, complementing your existing desktop oriented applications or you can build a whole new system from scratch.

With this great addition, web enabling your multivalue applications will be a joy and a breeze.   

DesignBais user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Links to the underlying database are transparent such that developers do not require intimate knowledge of the particular database on which the software development is undertaken.

Key Features

  • Complete development tools that do not require developers to learn Internet programming
  • Built on .NET Framework
  • All modern standard compliant browsers are supported (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE11 etc.) 
  • Entity-based field level security
  • Function-based security
  • XSS shield and encoded HTML output
  • Report generators (PDF, Excel, HTML etc.)
  • Emailing and SMS capability
  • Google address search
  • Database search
  • Bidirectional web services
  • Multiple file upload
  • HTML editor
  • RTF editor (optional)
  • Charts


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